Sherwood Galo Conde

The founder, Sherwood Conde began the firm over 16 years ago by performing Bathroom and Kitchen renovations in the tri-state area. He is an Educated Architect that has implemented his Corporate knowledge into the systems that make CONDE successful today. His experience commenced with renovating FDA laboratories, Data centers/trading floors, Elevators and HVAC systems. In the past 16 years, residential opulent interiors. Combining these skills have formed the Capacity to produce projects that require extreme detail and extreme complexity. The recipe for managing expectations is in accountability and not overpromising.

Alex Scott joined CONDE over 5 years ago as a Partner. Originally studying Architecture and Building systems in Argentina, brought him to land in New York, working with Companies in managing high-end luxury renovations. He was Beautifying New York Penthouse homes for Celebrities, and Creating Plush 5 star Restaurants. His relationships with Sub-Contractors and Vendors have been of full integrity with loyalty and hence, creating an army of resources. With his known leverage, every project has gotten completed on time. There is always a “Plan A, B, and C” to make sure it happens.

Alex Scott, Partner B

Together they take on renovations that will require scopes of work as rare as installing basket ball courts, fish tanks, retractable glass ceilings, acoustical meditation spaces, ballistic security bedrooms and car parking inside of apartments.  Removing a column of a building to create a living room is no easy task, but this is exactly what they are good at orchestrating. The Clientele is comfortable knowing that they will be kept confidential and that their interests and desires are made to come true. The Architects and Designers fall in love with the collaboration. The Building managers and Boards create standards and guidelines around the integrity shown to each building they work in. What is best, is that most Clients want to continue doing business in some form with CONDE, because everything they touch is successful.

Creating memorable work, and memorable friendships.