Is your Contractor Legal? Will he take your money? Are you protected? Do they have the right insurance? For a set hourly fee, you can hire CONDE to scrutinize as little or as much as you need us to help you get the Project done. You can save money, litigation, attorney fees, building penalties, and gain peace of mind by simply being proactive in the review of the most common documents that are usually overlooked. Most Customers don’t know where to call, or where to look, or who to ask. CONDE will review insurances, contracts, agreements, scope of work, drawings, invoices, change orders, work schedules, and in the field methods. CONDE can make the phone call for you to wake up the Contractor, find out information on building permits, if licenses are expired, assist with dispute resolution, or be your full time Construction Representative Specialist. CONDE is not an Attorney nor a CPA, their team has Attorney and CPA Partnerships that specialize in Construction and Contracts. Hire CONDE for an hour, or for the duration of the Project. Your personal regulator and enforcer.

Fee; Hourly rate.


If your looking to get involved in the project, selecting Contractors, and making some decisions, for ONE fixed percentage fee. CONDE Construction becomes responsible for overall planning, coordination, and controlling of the construction project, from beginning to completion. During the process, CONDE is targeting Client's/Owner's requirements, budget, and needs, in order to produce a functional space, creating overall a financial investment. CONDE Construction defines the responsibilities, roles, communication protocols, and management structure of the project management team. CONDE tends to address particular project details up front, that are most common to create disputes and claims, later in time. This agreement is based on a  cost, and can be an "open book" arrangement, for the Client to be aware of costs. When Speed and Quality are the concern, this is the best arrangement.

Fee; A working budget is created with the design team and the Owner. This gives a guide on what the project will end up costing. Then, as the project progresses, the costs are tracked and controlled. All costs are open book and there is a copy of every invoice and receipt available for reference. The Cost is taken as a value and a percentage is added for Office Overhead, Profit, and Insurance.


If your looking for an “hands off” approach to your project where you need ONE price for the entire project. CONDE becomes responsible for means and methods, supplying all labor, material, equipment and services needed for execution of a construction project. Subcontracting work to specialty trade and qualified Subcontractors. This process requires the Client/Owner to have detailed drawings and material specifications completed for construction before starting work, and obtaining permits. The property must be ready for construction and CONDE Construction become responsible for delivering the end product described in the construction documents. The Construction Documents are created by an Architect/Designer that holds a separate agreement with the Client. This agreement is based on a Fixed Lump Sum Amount. When Cost and Quality are the concern, this is the best arrangement.

Fee; You will need a Designer or Architect. CONDE can supply one if needed. They will make the scope of work and drawings that are binding and are priced by Subcontractors and Vendors to create an overall fixed price. This fixed price is broken down into industry standard categories for the Architects and Designers to review and approve. Changes are handled through Change Orders, where the addition or reduction of scope is adjusted. Every project has its cost and takes about 2 to 3 weeks to assemble a proposal based on drawings and specifications .

Estimates are free.

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